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2300 BACK // Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Peace be upon you.

It's 21st of February and i think it's been like really-- long time since the last post. I terribly miss typing my thoughts in this blog. I still do write in my journal eventhough I've been busy these days due to my studies. For you whom might not know, i continued my study after the SPM at Perak Matriculation College for less than a year (currently in the second-- last semester) then, i can pursue my Bachelor's degree in Psychology InshaAllah. 

Back to my journal, it's been actually hard to keep up with 'a day, a page or more' motto that i managed to do during school days. What's harder is the fact that i always had at least two books to write everyday. A planner, a journal, a sketchbook and etc etc. Living in matriculation college is soooo hectic that i find it so hard to find a day to just write all because of the never-ending assignments, the projects and stealing time to just lay on the bed having my rest, comfort zone. Matriculation students life is hands down-- not easy probably due to having a year in hand unlike others that in the same level but have two to three years for STPM or diploma.

On top of that, i'm in the Module 1 of 1-Year-programme of Science stream. It is indeed the toughest among all as it consists of all there major Science subjects with all having the highest credits of hour-- 6 hrs. I'm not saying others are not hard, everyone in matric suffers greatly-- but statistically, many admitted that Module 1 had the toughest time. Hmmm that's all about that. 

Living here teaches me many things, many lessons i'd never thought before. About people, edu system, my family, myself, choices of the future, and above all, getting closer to Him, our Creator; Allah. I wish to tell everything right now but i'm so sleepy and got lots of things to do. I mean, i just started back so let's take things slow. I'll be back to matriculation probably on 25th this month after the mid-semester break & the scary part is the MUET going to be held right after this 1-week-holiday. Mine is going to be on 28th Feb. hmm. Please please make a dua for me, wish me all the best ok? Hehe thank you so much. Till next time, i promised i'll try to make time writing a new post. But-- if it took years, sorry for that! Feel free to look at these pictures below of my recent snaps. Alright, adios.