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CRACK // Sunday, 31 July 2016

Peace be upon you

(Mix of language for 2day)

Kalau nak cakap pasal SPM ni la kan-- ada satu benda yang aku sangat regret, sesal. Which is 'kenapa aku tak ambil arab as subjek tambahan SPM aku?'

Bukan apa, after primary school i was put in islamic studies class something like that so of course aku ambil bahasa arab as additional/special subject. It was 3 years in that class so i practically studied arabic language for 3 years.

Then, later.. because our school didn't provided arabic language for the next two years, as in pure science stream class.. totally learn nothing about arabic studies except Al-quran and that's it!

Now that in the latter months in road to spm, i feel like a kind of lingering regret as i think it's a waste to let the bygone knowledge forgotten like that.

I mean, even two of my past ustazah asked me why i didn't submit for arabic language? And at that time i thought making arab as my additional subject would be a big burden for my future success.

I'm so foolish.

Recently, one of my classmates (studies rivalry) told me that the arab oral was quite easy and ahhh just how much jealousy i had at that time was beyond words (well exaggeration but truthfully it was definitely worth to envy)

Moral of the story; my piece of advice;
Took up the challenge given to you. Do not fear losing or falling behind.

Yeah wohoo!