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Psychopath #raw // Monday, 30 May 2016
Peace be upon you. I've been trying my best to update but at my utmost sincerity
it didn't work.
My life nowadays are fully devoted on my studies, mom and foodies.
So yeah stop the ramble, get on the topic.

I'm currently reading Kevin Dutton book who is a British psychologist i think hm so in this book he talk about mostly psychopath, serial killer and bla bla
I love this part (image screenshots below)

#please do click for enlargement

To put it simply in my words,
He asked this question to a psychopathic serial killer. There is a hospital, in that hospital;
There are five patients each needing different organ transplants. Then, somehow a healthy and young man comes in. The doctor learns coincidentally/coincidently (pardon my bad in grammar) 
That the young man is a suitable organ donor for all five patients. Here is the problem,
If you kill one, then five live
What should the doctor do? The serial killer's answer was..
"What's to think about?"
"If you sacrifice one then five live."
A simple mathematical principle.
Maximum happiness for maximum people.
But reading this book rather than being curious about an allready messed-up guy's answer..
I am more curious about the writer, Kevin Dutton's real thought. 

*hanging ending so don't ask me

Good night. Have a nice day ahead.