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Ibu, my Mother // Saturday, 12 December 2015
Peace be upon you, hey it's me once again in a while.

I'm lucky.

Kids with mother are lucky. I am so lucky.
Today my mom tell me that she is sorry for couldn't make breakfast because she had lots of meetings. This happen many times when she can't cook and she felt sorry for that. I was like.. "Ibu, you only couldn't cook for like few times in my whole life. You never fail to satisfy this picky kid. That's why when she said that, i am grateful and thankful for having her as my mother.

My mother is not someone that work. She's jobless where in Asia it's a normal thing because the mothers usually stay at home (housewife; if you want me to make it simple) and fathers are the only one to go to work as they lead the household so they're the one that need to find money. Well but not every single household in Asia did the same thing because some women believe they need to support their husband too. This kind of belief applies to me too. For some reason, as someone that unsure about marriage (yes, i have a thought about being old without getting married), I find the need of me working is wayyyy more than understandable. Plus, i'm the type that hate doing nothing and only do house chores,

But still.. no offences, i respect housewives more than anyone. I love my mom not going to work because i heard a lot of bitter stories from my friends about not having breakfast, mom never cooks at home and so on. When most youngsters need to go out themselves and buy fodd themselves, i can just go to the kitchen and grab some meals,

Furthermore, i'm pursuing the child psychologist as my future career, so it only make sense for me to know how kids' development worsen because of the unattentive working moms. So i also made a decision for future where when i MIGHT or actually get married and have child, i would undoubtly quit my job. Hard decision? It is, i might even hesitate a lot of times.

Plus, i love kids a lot! One of my reason to be Child Psychologist. I am currently working on something. I thought of talking to my family about visiting Down Syndrome kids. Yeah, those special kids that i always want to meet. Before this, i've already volunteered and do charity in old folks home and orphanage. Not bragging, but seriously volunteering and do these kind of good deeds to the unfortunate are really benefitable and worth more than anything. It would have taken a paragon of virtue not to feel viciously jealous.

See how my stories going? From the mindset of wanting to talk about my Ibu, only.. i'm always like this hahahah pardon my babbling. I tend to ramble a lot as you already know.
That's all for today, i'm off to rescue my younger sister from the panic attack due to her phone suddenly turn of numerous times, (She's still yelling my name) Bye.