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Holiday // Saturday, 12 December 2015
Peace be upon you.

As you can see on the top and you're aware that in Malaysia; Nov&Dec months are school break. I'm a lazybum, i'm not good at study.. like seriously! So, holiday is like something i've always waited for and my most favourite part of the year. Usually during holiday every year, my family always plan vacation whether it is in my country or abroad. My family love nature. When we travel we usually find location that have nature values.

My victory-sign hand (hill)
Farm visiting
Eat Eat Eat
Herbs try-it-out-fresh (tea esp.)
Picking out the fruits
Buying and appreciating flowers (i love cactus wait it is flower, right? -_-)
Driving crossing the silent road -- early morning
Swimming/Playing around in water-based location (lake, sea) -- by the way i can't swim
Hiking the mount or hill
Animal lovers-- i love fish so the tickling fish is my fav uwargh! they are so cute
,,,and etcetera

Above all course l love camping because well-- if you ask me about my definition of camping it would be bonfire truth&dare and, sleeping or reading book while drinking tea in my own tent also the fact that i'm breathing in a very fresh and clean air. I have complex and illness, which is ASTHMA so i have weird obsession over fresh and clean air hahahaa. My dearest tent with vintage bedding is my most most favourite part, i really like cozy places. It made me feel home.

I am also fond in taking photograph, i mostly took picture of my family and the view-- scenery or just objects. I rarely took picture of mine or what we call nowadays? Selfie? Geez no it's awkward. Most of my attempt to capturing a selfie always ended up with me deleting the picture. A potrait of mine need some help from others, i always drag someone to take picture with me, beside me. My sister and bestfriend are the always-victims,

Single and not in any special relationship with boys-- currently. So, the need of animal in my life as kinda an imaginary boyfriend is required. Unfortunately because of my illness, some animals trigger my asthma attack. That's why my Ibu prohibit the entrance of any animals inside my house. I did pet some small fish but they died sobs and i gave up after petting fish for like 6 times with the same result,

My dorky sis
This month, hiking is my most-like course of vacation and travelling. I favor hiking because i feel more healthy and my skin become much better but because i sleep late for few days after few weeks having flawless skin due to two times hike... pimples now pop-up. I ensure you people that never went for a hike, you are going to regret for not knowing the satisfaction reach the top. Some incidents that happen last weeks ago, i met an old man at one of the hill in my district area. He's really fast in hiking and very nice to my family. I met many friendly people there. The old man-- in more friendly terms, uncle tell me to not give up because he, himself had the same illness as mine ASTHMA. He even showed me his inhaler and reveal the fact he never use it during all his hiking years-- 8 years. Amazing right? I decided to continue this routine but my father had meetings but he said we still can for at least once every month? I'm quite an understanding daughter so i accept his recommendation without any whine even though i do know promise by Ayah sometimes won't last long as he has a job to work on. I'm okay as long he make an effort. Hihi.

I love herb-- by herb i mean.. only tea hahahah i'm not veggies lover. Since child all sort kind of green things, i reject them and my mom, Ibu scold me for like everytime i pout over vegetables. Tea is exception because it is reaaaalllllyyy delicious and relaxing. My favourite? Black tea, White tea, Cinnamon tea, Hibiscus tea and Green tea! I don't prefer Oohlong tea because they taste weird for me. Reading books or any articles in my tab while drink tea-- just-- oh my god the feeling is the best! I like coffee too but because of the caffein, i prefer tea over it.

There are lots and more things to talk about actually but i can't seem to find time to do that. My sister engagement is around the corner so there are lot of task to be done. Thank you for reading.