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High Land // Thursday, 31 December 2015

Peace be upon you.

I just back from a travel trip. Guess what? It’s nice. Way too cold but fine.
The funny thing that happen were the fact that on the first day.. All we did—just sleep. Yeah, my family and I did. At first only my mother and father while the youngs watch the FOX MOVIES then before we knew, all of us were sleeping as if there’s no tomorrow. We were just too sleepy to go out after all the oh-so-tiring weeks (we went after my sister’s engagement day) On the night probably after Maghrib are the only time we went out on that day, buy some sweet potato which my Ibu said it taste better here, also to enjoy the cold night breeze. Then, we went back to our accommodation which were just few miles away (we walk there, without car). My parents really am not into pricey hotels because even though we went to 5 star hotels when it comes to business issue but all that had some behind story which required us to stay there. Most of place we went were just some cheap but clean place. For here, because my family love tea so much we came here often to enjoy the fresh made tea, so we had this one cheap place we always check-in. We were there when this hotel were just a very small business till now. Even now, they still keep it moderate. An the hygine is really good, my family most important choice’s characteristic. I really can’t understand those that pay more for just one night stay using the excuse of wanting to live luxurious. Like seriously, why not pay less and save more for a much better things. Nah nevermind probably my perspective are nothing but my own opinion that won’t affect others.

my completely bare face at night
On the second day which is also the last day we were going to be there. Yes, only 2 days and 1 night. Heh sad enough but that’s the reality. My Ayah had some business to do and same goes to my Ibu which she had to settle some of my little sister’s studies issue (Effa need to go to her new school, well a higher level—secondary). SO, LET’S CONTINUE. On the 2nd day, you can say we were way too energetic that i could complete my what-to-do-on-this-highland. You probably know by now, I LOVE NATURE and TRAVEL. If you go to my room you could see my printed picture of cactus and travel map also all the picture of places I want to visit. Not to forget some actual cactus (this thing died) and fake lavender I decorated inside my room. And so, my list to do there would be about CACTUS, FLOWERS (lavender esp), TEA, EAT NICE FOOD, sleep soundly and night walk which I already done on the first day. First place we went would be cactus. My Ibu actually get mad at us (my sis and I) because she said we wouldn’t take a good care of them as what happen before to our cactus. But we keep on making promises to my ibu that we are going to be really good this time and what she agreed (what we take it as) by saying “Yelah, whatever happen both of you kena be responsible this time. Jaga elok-elok, bersihkan kalau cactus tu mati.” My nag mom always did this, play hard to get even though she know she would give it up when it comes to her cutie children hahahhahah man, what an ungrateful person I am to be talking about this here hahaha, Ibu forgive me. I bought three cactuses and same goes to my lil sis, Effa.

Then, lavender farm. Then, roses farm which my mom want to go. What we did on these two place were mostly taking pictures of the landscapes and some portrait of us. And then, we went to eat some strawberries and chocolaties thingy and of course, it taste good so yummy~ Lastly my family most favourite place—TEA ESTATE.  We went to tea café first to drink some nice brewed tea and some tiramisu too. I chose white tea, my dad chose green tea, black tea for my mom and lil sis and lastly an ice cream for my lil bro, Ammar.. flavoured chocolate. Tea lovers, indeed huh? Last last lastly, to the farm we go. Took some pictures while enjoying the breathtaking picturesque view of the mountain and the tea estate. After all, we went back home. Probably not a very amazing trip, but it is one of our unforgettable memory.. at least for my family.

I put a lot of picture this time because tomorrow i'm going to hike so i need to sleep early heh or i'll be writing till late late night

Oh and here's a recent photo. I probably broke the etiquette of drinking tea by using glass instead a cup but hey what's so wrong with that hahah yeah it's a lemon tea.
Well that’s it. Nigh-tea (Nightie hihi) and HAPPY NEW YEAR.