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Fresh start // Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Peace be upon you.
Hi and hello dear you who is reading,

I am Zahirah. This no-long-no-see-blog's proud owner. I've been stopping this hobby of mine (blogging) years ago. As you can see, i'm back, this year on October. Seems like this is such a weird kind of time for me to restart or start anew, when 2015 almost ended. No particular reason, i just happen to encounter my blogger account when i sign in to my Google account.
Actually that encounter happen months ago but i keep on hesitating to update after reading a few of my published posts and draft posts. Also, my long-published-post but i draft-ed it before. Make sense, huh?

Because years had passed since the last time i posted an entry, you can see it clearly just how different this one entry is. Puberty make a lot changes on me. My writing style, speech tone and even my language. Not to forget the opening greeting that i started today humbly which is so contrary from my youthful 2012-13 where i always made the greeting as bubbly as possible and greasiness with quote and so on-- hahahaha this remind me just how much i grow up.

I no longer use my native language when i write or talk with most of my friends. I probably did when i am with my families and some close friends. To be honest, nowadays, for this year, i just realise that i express myself much better and i'm more comfortable in English. Plus, when you love reading, this habit of talking in that language just come up. The fact that i'm a former English debater and spending my time mostly talking and writing in that language made it happen. It's not that i'm abandoning Bahasa Melayu which is my country's first language. I still read History book or novel in malay which i never want to change. I can feel the sadness or the heroic feels much better that way. Same goes to when i'm watching any documentary i would never change it to dubbing. No matter it's japanese or africa program. Also, i would never become all over so cocky with no-talking-at-all in Malay when I'm surrounded with people in my country. Obviously, i never would forget my roots. I know how most of people lose their faith and roots when starting to adapt with Western's lifestyle. Branded American clothes from head to toe, talk in Australian's accent and yeah the culture change. This is what people call as 'culture shock'. I learn psychology, i am pursuing a path of becoming a psychologist. (I also thought of widen my path and learning psychiatry)

P/S: Neither being racist nor having intention to make fun of Western culture. Just so you know, i'm a Muslim that lives surround with Muslim and few fellow Indians and Chinese which strongly had Asian's same way of thinking in dealing with some stuffs. I learn a lot about Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and many more Asian's country. So i'm not talking bluff or making story. We are countries that hold faith in long-time-belief. That's why some of western's culture is quite shocking with us. We value more things and more emm how do you say this, different philosophy taught from ancestors?
This might sounds rude for Americans or British or wherever country you're from, but i strongly say this here, I'M NOT MAKING FUN OF OTHER'S BELIEF, THIS IS SOLELY FROM MY POINT OF VIEW.

I had lot of friends that live all his and her life in concrete buildings and parents that never taught about the history or culture of Tanah Melayu and Malaysia. Also, Islam. So, sometimes what they made seems a bit contradictory from what they should do in this religion or country.

I know other's religion than Islam didn't covered their head. We, the women, covered our head in order to follow the order of our only one God (Allah). If you might not know this attire is a symbol of showing the modest appearance as a Muslimah (Muslim's women). Our religion's, Islam, strongly belief the need of women to be protected from the lust of ajnabi's man (strangers; man) so we covered our head to let them know 'hey, i'm muslimah that believe in Allah.'

Of course i knew it, by time goes by, Islam is forgotten even more. You can see a lot of Muslimah go wild in nightclub. Not wearing head-scarf. Also, the makeup, the women who wear hijab but wearing tight pants. May i ensure you that this is not Islamic's teachings. Other than wearing scarf, the hijab also means covering your aurah which is all part of your body except hand from wrist and face (the compulsory). Some Arabian's women wear something like mouth mask (niqab). In my teachings (Islam had many views, we had 4 imams that are rightly can be followed usually based on your country) which is from the Islamic Scholar, Al-Shafi'i' believe that wearing niqab is not compulsory but highly recommended or we call it Sunnah because it is something that the old old old Islam women wear.

The point here, even though some of Muslimah or most of them did not do the compulsory order from our God. It is between her and Allah. Not Islam's fault. Islam had no flaws in their teaching but the one who made flaws is the human, the Muslim. Not only Muslimah had particular aurah need to be covered but the men also. Theirs are not really strict as Muslimah, only from navel to knees (Sunni Islam; Al Shafi'i).

I don't realise that i ramble a lot hahahaha so yeah i want to write more but i need to do something right now. So, thank you for reading. I absolutely am grateful if someone is reading this. May the God bless you.


-Zahirah Aira